For Sale: Sideband Engineers SBE-34

David Hollander n7rk at DANCRIS.COM
Mon Nov 19 21:50:33 EST 2001

SBE-34 Transceiver.......................$275  plus shipping

This is an an interesting piece of Ham Radio History - an SBE-34
transceiver by Sideband Engineers. This is an 80, 40, 20 and 15 meter
sideband only completely self-contained transceiver with both ac and dc
power supplies on board. This was the first transceiver to have both
supplies internal requiring only a microphone, an antenna and an ac or
dc power source to operate. The unit puts out 60 watts PEP on 80, 40 and
20 and 50 watts on 15 meters. This unit is completely solid state with
the exception of the transmitter driver and PA. This unit is quite
compact weighing 18 pounds and much smaller than other transceivers of
it's time such as the KWM-2, Swan 350, Drake TR-3 and others. The
receiver also utilizes 2.1 kHz Collins mechanical filter. A rare
accessory is the matching SBE linear amp. I don't know the model number
for this unit. Other rare accessories for this unit are a crystal
calibrator and a VOX unit, both of which plug into the back of the radio

I have had this unit for a year, have made many contacts on all four
bands and it works quite well. Of course it's performance is not quite
the same as my FT-1000MP :-). The unit puts out 50-60 watts on each band
and the receiver is quite sensitive. I am selling it because I have a
new vintage SSB toy, a Kenwood TS-511S transceiver. Cosmetically, the
unit is pretty clean. It has a few minor scratches and a previous owner
appears to have added a jack for an external speaker however no extra
holes were drilled. The main tuning knob is not the original. The unit
includes the factory SBE microphone, a 12 volt power cable for dc
operation and the original manual. Being older electronics, the unit is
sold "as-is".

Pictures at:

Thanks for looking,

Dave N7RK


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