Tube Adapters

Glen E. Zook gzook at HOME.COM
Thu Nov 22 21:43:12 EST 2001

Yesterday, while looking for a 5-pin tube socket for a friend of mine to
use for plug-in coils for his "new" homebrew transmitter, I came across
some items that I had almost forgotten about.

These are devices with the Adaptol brand that "convert" various large
pin tubes to either octal type tubes or other, supposedly "more common"
large pin types.

I think these date from the very late 1930s or up to the mid-1940s.
They are "well made", consisting basically of a tube base with the
"matching" socket mounted on them.

What I have found so far are the following:

Type 7:  Adapts 5W4 and 5Z4 to type 80 (I have 5 of these)

Type 7: (a different one!) Adapts 5Y3 and 5Y4 to type 80  (1 of these)

Type 9:  Adapts 5X4 and 5Y4 to types 80 and 83 (3 of these)

Type 42:  Adapts 25A6 and 25L6 to type 43 (1 of these)

Type 44:  Adapts 39 and 44 to type 78 (1 of these)

Type 56:  Adapts 25 to type 47 (1 of these)

Type 79:  Adapts 6K6 and 6V6 to type 43 (3 of these)

Type 106:  Adapts 6SL7 to 25Z3 (1 of these)

Looking at the "model numbers", obviously there were well over
one-hundred models of these made.

Several things:

First of all, I wonder how many of these "survive" today?

Secondly, I might be interested in trading off some of the models that I
have duplicates of for ????  Preferably vintage parts and/or equipment.
Please don't ask me to "set a price".  I will not answer your E-Mail!

All of these are in good, or better condition.  The writing on some is
beging to fade and others are excellent.

Glen, K9STH

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