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Fri Nov 23 17:53:50 EST 2001

I can confirm very similar experiences to Glen here...

In addition, I learned from another amateur that FEDEX GROUND is now shipping packages
for considerably lower prices than UPS does, and they do a fine job of getting tings
there. It's especially a bargain for coast-to-coast shipments of heavy items.

For example, I recently sent an FT-101E from Florida to either CA or WA, and the shipping
cost was only $26.00 whcih seems very good.

On 23 Nov 2001, at 10:28, Glen E. Zook wrote:

> Unfortunately, UPS, in some areas, is much "harder" on the packages than
> other areas.
> Since before Christmas of last year UPS is, as an "official" procedure,
> supposedly opening EVERY package that is presented at one of their pick
> up stations.  There is a sign at each of these indicating such.  Also,
> it is grounds for immediate firing if an employee does not examine a
> package for proper packing if the shipper is unknown to them personally.
> By opening and inspecting the packing, UPS IS accepting complete
> liability for the quality of packing.  Also, even if they do not open a
> package the assumption is that they did check it.  Since the failure to
> inspect a package can result in dismissal no employee is going to admit
> that they did not inspect the package.  However, they are also having at
> least as many, if not more, claims for shipping damage.  They virtually
> always say that the package was improperly packed and initially deny the
> claim.  But, since they accepted the package after examining the
> packing, they have to pay off.  The "national" customer service
> automatically rejects the claim.  When you "push" them by reminding them
> that they inspected the packing, they "refer" the claim to a regional
> office which will almost always "pay off".
> UPS has been damaging even triple boxed items.  Also, it is no longer
> "acceptable" to use only 2 inches of padding material.  6 inches is the
> minimum that now is acceptable.
> Pelspan (the sytrofoam peanuts) are acceptable as "fill material" only.
> The main packing, in my opinion, should be comprised of solid styrofoam
> sheets (these are available in 4 x 8 feet sheets at home improvement
> centers for about $6 each (don't buy from packing centers - you'll pay
> about 5 times the amount for the same quantity!).
> I have been shipping items by UPS for over 30 years (used to own the
> Motorola reconditioned equipment center for the south-central US and we
> shipped from 5 to 30 packages a day by UPS).  The only item that I ever
> had damaged during the period was one box that UPS ran a fork-lift
> "tang" through.  Even then, they tried to deny the claim!  But, that
> didn't hold water!
> It has only been in the last year that I have had any problems with UPS
> and those have been with shipments from Texas to Louisiana.  It seems if
> the package goes through the New Orleans area that it is very likely to
> get damaged.
> About 4 months ago I shipped a Johnson Challenger transmitter to an
> amateur in the New Orleans area.  First of all it was "lost" for almost
> a month.  The "bar code" did not get entered into the system and UPS
> employees can't seem to read the to/from labels anymore.  If the bar
> code doesn't work, the box gets shipped to their equivalent of the USPS
> "dead letter office".  I started a tracer on the package.  After abut a
> week UPS called and said that they had found the package, unpacked it,
> and described the transmitter to me.  They repacked it and sent it on
> its way.
> When the package arrived the person that received it said that the
> package looked like it had been useds as a basketball.  He unpacked the
> box while the UPS driver looked on.  The transmitter was severely
> damaged.  UPS did pick up the damaged package several days later.  Then,
> of course, they claimed that it was improperly packed.  This package was
> examined by their personnel before it was accepted for shipment and was
> repacked by their personnel.
> After I pointed out that they had done both, their national customer
> service organization referred my claim to their Fort Worth, Texas,
> office.  The person who called from there immediately took
> responsibility for the damage and sent me the proper claim forms already
> approved.  It took about a month, but I did receive a cheque for the
> full insured amount plus the shipping charges.
> The reason that UPS gives for their practice of examining the packing of
> each package is that they need to reduce the number of claims.
> Unfortunately, this does not seem to be working!  Also, UPS has been
> having an on-going labor/management problem for several years.  Frankly,
> a good number of the people who work in the distribution centers feel
> overworked and underpaid (that is debatable!) and don't care about doing
> anything correctly.
> Also, I have heard quite a number of "tales" about drivers throwing
> boxes off the back of their delivery trucks, etc.  Fortunately, my local
> UPS drivers are extremely good and very helpful as well.  Whenever I
> have to contact UPS about anything, I take the time to point this out.
> The problems are at the distribution centers.
> Since UPS has damaged even triple-boxed items, it is impossible to
> insure that everything will make it through their system.  But, if you
> put at least 6 inches of good packing material around the item which is
> then put in a second box with another 6 inches of packing material you
> do have a good chance of it making through the system.
> However, if the item is damaged, stand your ground and point out that it
> is company policy to examine every box for proper packing.  Since UPS
> does that, they are legally accepting liability if the package is
> damaged in shipping.  The national customer service organization will
> automatically deny your claim.  Just point out to them that they have
> accepted liability by examining the packaging before accepting the
> package for shipping.  It will take several weeks, but you will get your
> money!
> Glen, K9STH
> --- Dan Arney <hankarn at> wrote:
> The main point is the requirement of 2" of packing on all sides. Claims
> are based on proper packing not labels.
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