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Fri Nov 23 18:28:46 EST 2001

Brian Carling writes:

> In addition, I learned from another amateur that FEDEX
> GROUND is now shipping packages

FedEx wound up with the operations of Roadway, and they indeed do a
good job of shipping for me. They have not fully integrated the ground
operations with regular "express" and so there are separate depots and
separate sets of drivers and vans. You can ship via ground on your
regular FedEx account but can't ship ground COD unless you call them
and have them modify your account for it. You can drop off ground
packages at the regular FedEx counters but counter personnel are well
intentioned but don't know all that much about the service. You can't
use FedEx Express packaging for ground packages.

For some reason after I did my first ground package a driver stopped
by with a box of bar coded labels - no space for any writing, just the
bar code to stick on. Not sure what to do with those as I just fill
out the web page and print out the resulting bar coded address label
on the printer.

It's a little strange but the prices are right, everything shipped can
be insured and tracked through the normal tracking web page, and
shipping is on a par with what you'd expect time-wise, about a week
for a cross-country package.

Another thing is that FedEx Ground will supply boxes (up to 20" X 20"
or something like that) and tape *free* IF you go to the customer
counter...but they don't have packing material. Go figure.

Enfield, NH

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