J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Fri Nov 23 22:20:59 EST 2001

> Pelspan (the sytrofoam peanuts) are acceptable as "fill material" only.
> The main packing, in my opinion, should be comprised of solid styrofoam
> sheets (these are available in 4 x 8 feet sheets at home improvement
> centers for about $6 each (don't buy from packing centers - you'll pay
> about 5 times the amount for the same quantity!).

I've found that the sheet styrofoam is hust to rigid to ensure safe arrival. If
something is dropped hard it does not cushion sufficiently.

A better way, except for VERY heavy and dense things, is to wrap the item in two
layers of bubble pack, well taped, and each about 2" thick. Then the bundle is put
into a box with several inches of plastic peanuts or equal on all sides. If there
is a lot of empty space, the peanuts should be put into garbage bags so they don't
shift in shipping.

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