FS: Power Transformers

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sun Nov 25 20:35:04 EST 2001

Tube type power transformers - NEW.

Raytheon TF15X02YY with 120V Primary.
Secondary is 1100V CT at 180 mA continuous.
Dimensions: 3"  X  5.25"  X  6.5" tall.
Potted, encased case with four mounting studs.
Will sell for $38.00 plus shipping

ADC Co. (AVCO-Crosley) model TF4SX03KA
Has 120V AC primary and two secondaries.
Sec A:  1050 V CT at 75 mA continuous
Sec B:  5V at 20 A continuous.
Will sell for $27.00 plus shipping

Also have a great filament transformer for that BIG final
115V / 230V primary.
Secondary is  7.5V CT at 51 Amps.
Brand new. Will sell for $95.00 plus shipping

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