WTB: WW II Airborn Yagi Antenna

J. Forster jfor at ONEMAIN.COM
Tue Oct 2 02:40:52 EDT 2001

Hi Listers,

I am looking for a WW II vintage Yagi that is used as a receive antanna for the
AN/APN-2 "Rebecca" system. The antenna is an AT-2/APN-2 and is a 2 element Yagi
for about 220 MHz. The center part is teardrop shaped and made of black
bakelite. I could even use 2 of them, should they be available.

In addition, I would also like an AT-1/APN-2 which a quarter wave rod for about
the same frequency.

If you have some shock mounts squirreled away, I'd also like : FT-406-A,
FT-409-A, & FT-416-A. These are for mounting the components of the system.

Please email directly to me off-list, should you have any of these items.


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