FS: 75S-1 "Project" Radio

Michael Crestohl mc at SOVER.NET
Sun Oct 7 19:06:43 EDT 2001

I acquired this COLLINS 75S-1 RECEIVER as a parts rig.  However upon
close examination I came to the conclusion that it would be a shame to
part it out since I feel that it could be brought back to useful ans
servicable status with just a few common and relatively inexpensive
parts and a bit of work.  You could find all the parts easily in the
rec.radio.boatanchors newsgroup or Collins Collectors Association Mail
Reflector or Website.  I will provide the info on these sources to the
buyer.  This would be a good project radio for someone who has some
basic radio repair skills and wants a good Collins radio receiver
without spending a lot of money.  Cosmetically speaking it would need
very little to make it look very nice.

There is no evidence of "butchering" and hacking of components.
Everything appears to be original and I do not see any obvious signs
of excess heat, modifications or repairs.

Unfortunately time constraints prevent me from doing this in the
foreseeable future so if YOU have some basic skills and some time to
look for the missing parts and to do the work you will have a fine
early COLLINS 'S'-Line receiver for your efforts.

Here's what I see is missing:

2.1 Kc Mechanical Filter (Not hard to find or big bucks to buy)

100 Kc calibrator crystal

all band crystals

2 - pointer knobs

1 - AF Gain knob

1 - RF Gain knob

1 - Calibration index knob

1 - Misc knob

1 - Angle Bracket above PTO

the winged emblem on the front panel.

and finally the cabinet/feet.

The receiver has all its' tubes and  the WATERS Model 337 SIA 'Q'
Multiplier/Rejection Tuning Add-on.These in themselves are pretty hard
to find and if I do not sell it as a project radio I will probably
remove this add-on and sell it separately.

I am asking $350.00 plus shipping.  If interested please reply by


Michael Crestohl,

mc at sover.net

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