DX-20 / Valiant / Ranger / etc. Crystal Door Covers

Glen E. Zook gzook at HOME.COM
Thu Oct 11 16:13:28 EDT 2001

I have found a possible source of the hole plugs for making the crystal
door plugs for both the Heath DX-20 and the various Johnson
transmitters.  The Heath are larger than the Johnson.

However, there is a fairly large minimum order for each type of hole
plug.  Before I commit to purchasing the quantity I need to get some
idea as to how many people are interested in actually acquiring them.

If I make them, they will be supplied less the plastic knob.  The DX-20
uses the same large gray knob that are used on the DX-20, DX-35, DX-40,
DX-100, DX-100B, VF-1, etc.  The Johnson units use the same "small" knob
as on the rest of the transmitters.

They will have the mounting "stud" for the knob attached and be of the
correct color (plain aluminum for the DX-20 and the Johnson maroon for
the others).  Probable cost is going to be about $15 post paid CONUS,
hopefully a bit less.  However, $15 would be the maximum.  To Canada
would probably be $17 US maximum, hopefully less.  It will depend on how
many orders that I get.  The more orders, the less the cost.

If you are interested, please let me know if so, and how many (most will
only want one).  I'll keep a list and if I do make them will let you

The "stud" for the knobs of both types will most probably be held on by
a machine screw and not by the "rivet" type of the Johnson.

Also, I still have some of the DX-35 / DX-40 crystal door covers
availble for $11.50 post paid CONUS except for Texas, $13.50 postpaid
Canada, and $12.33 if you just happen to live in Texas (sales tax, you

Glen, K9STH

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