DX-20 and Johnson Crystal Hole Plugs

Glen E. Zook gzook at HOME.COM
Mon Oct 15 14:13:25 EDT 2001

It looks like the hole plugs that I have obtained are going to work for
both the DX-20 (and I think HX-11 - 2 inch diameter) crystal hole plugs
as well as for that used on the Johnson Valiant, Ranger, etc. (1.5 inch

I am waiting on the paint for the Johnson plugs which should be here by
the end of this week.  The plugs will be ready for the paint when it
gets here.

The "clips" on the back of the 2 inch used on the DX-20 are not as
"deep" as the original.  However, they hold fine and, anyway, can't be
seen from the outside.  The "clips" on the 1.5 inch are actually a
little larger than the original!  Go figure!

The hole plugs will be furnished with a "stud" for mounting the
appropriate knob (large gray in the DX-20 and small maroon in the case
of the Johnson transmitters).  You have to supply the knob.  The "stud"
is exactly the way the DX-20 were supplied from the factory.  The
Johnson transmiters actually had a knob with a fixed shaft permanently
attached to the plug.  The knob was not removeable.  However, the visual
effects are indentical whether or not the knob is permanently attached.

I can provide the 2 inch in both the original non-painted version or in
one that has a gray crackel finish.  The 1.5 inch will be finished in
the Johnson maroon paint.

Prices are as follows:

DX-20 plain

    $14.00 CONUS, $16 US Canada, $15.16 Texas residents

DX-20 gray crackle finish

    $16.00 CONUS, $18 US Canada, $17.32 Texas residents


    $15.00 CONUS, $17 US Canada, $16.24 Texas residents

All are postpaid prices.  As can be seen, Texas residents have to add
8.25% sales tax.  Sorry 'bout that chief!

Send a cheque for the appropriate amount for the number of crystal hole
plugs required to

Glen E. Zook
410 Lawndale Drive
Richardson, Texas 75080


Glen, K9STH

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