PSE HELP: LST-325 Radio Room Restoration

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Tue Oct 23 05:47:16 EDT 2001

Hi Bob - there is a actually an e-mail list specifically for co-ordinating
such "piggy-back rides" for amateur radio BA equipment via truckers taking loads across

I used to be subscribed to it but now I have no idea where it is or how to get on it.

Maybe one of the other BA enthuisiasts can tell you...


CC: Other BA lists

On 22 Oct 2001, at 15:33, Bob Wilder wrote:

> Hi all:  This might be considered as slightly off subject, BUT, it
> does deal with equipment.  First some background about the
> LST-325.  It just took $190,000 to perform all the work needed
> to repair the hull, front door/ramp, sandblast and paint the ship.
> As all funds have been basically from donations, cash is short.
> Here is the problem.  We have found most of the radio equipment
> needed for the restoration of the radio room.  Some of the gear
> is on the west coast.  We have received a donation from a trucking
> company in the east who is going to pack and ship the stuff
> that is in their area to Mobile.
> What we need now is to receive a donation by some west coast
> trucker or person who can help getting the west coast equipment
> packed and shipped eastward, atleast as far as Dallas where our
> east coast trucker can move it to Mobile.
> The great bunch of collectors who donated the equipment to the
> LST-325 can not afford the expense of shipping the equipment.
> I am requesting anyone who can help get this very valuable radio
> equipment to Mobile, Alabama to contact either me at the address
> or the person who is coordinating the restoration effort W4CHT at
> nnn0ppe at (That is nnn 'zero' ppe).
> Thanks in advance for anyhelp you might be able to offer.
> 73
> Bob Wilder, AF2HD / AFA2HD
> TSgt, USAF (Retired)
> 6032 Idlemoore Court
> Theodore, Alabama 36582-4036
> (251)653-5274
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