Heath / Johnson crystal door covers, 30L-1 TRANSMITTER ad, 51J dial overlay

Glen E. Zook gzook at HOME.COM
Fri Oct 26 21:33:13 EDT 2001

I have one of the Crystal Doors left out of the 3rd batch for the DX-35
/ DX-40.  If several people still need these I'll make another batch (I
make 16 at a time).

Price postpaid for these is

$11.50 CONUS, $13.50 US Canada, and $12.33 for Texas residents.

I have plenty of the 2 inch hole plugs for the DX-20 / HX-11.  The
majority of DX-20(s) used the "plain" (non-painted) versions, but some
used the gray crinkle painted versions.  The painted versions look
better, but may, or may not, be "original" on your particular
transmitter (of course, if it is missing, you probably don't know which
it was!).  These DO NOT come with the large gray knob, but have a "stud"
in the middle for the knob.

Cost of these postpaid are


$14.00 CONUS, $16.00 US Canada, $15.16 Texas residents

Gray crinkle painted:

$16.00 CONUS, $18.00 US Canada, $17.32 Texas residents

I also have plenty of the 1.5 inch diameter crystal hole plugs for the
Johnson Valiant, Ranger, etc.  These are painted with the Johnson maroon
paint and have a "stud" for the small Johnson knob (DO NOT come with the

Prices postpaid for these are

$15.00 CONUS, $17.00 US Canada, $16.24 Texas residents

I had a number of the 4 page advertisement that Collins Radio originally
put out for the 30L-1 TRANSMITTER (not the 30L-1 "S-Line" linear)
reprinted for the 2001 Collins User's Conference in Dallas last
weekend.  After the ad campaign was started, Art Collins decided to
change the nomenclature on the transmitter and pulled all of the
advertising.  These also "introduce" the 75A4 receiver and the 32W-1
exciter (which was dropped completely).  Only a very few of the
advertisements "got out".  I still have a number of these left over.

Prices postpaid are

$5.00 CONUS, $6.00 US Canada, $5.41 Texas residents

Also, for the conference I had a number of dial drum overlays for the
Collins 51J (and R-388) series receivers printed with the "modern"
(including WARC) bands indicated in green.  The original 51J series had
the old (including 11 meter) amateur bands indicated, and the R-388
didn't have any indications of the amateur bands.  These are printed on
plain paper and require the spraying of an adhesive before application.

Prices postpaid for the overlays are

$5.00 CONUS, $6.00 US Canada, $5.41 Texas residents

Unfortunately, I do have to collect sales tax from Texas residents.

Send a cheque for the items desired to

Glen E. Zook
410 Lawndale Drive
Richardson, Texas 75080


Glen, K9STH

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