FS: Trio TR-5000 6 meter am/fm transciever

g sixty three g-sixty_three at JUNO.COM
Sat Oct 27 18:23:00 EDT 2001

greetings, this device is solid state but i feel
its vintage enough to be listed here. for sale:

trio tr-5000 6 meter am/fm transciever. it is in good
to very good condition. it covers 50-54 vfo rx and has
a multi posistion switch for crystals. the unit looks
like it recieves ok but i have no xtals to test tx.
unit keys (tr relay clicks ok). front panel is nice
and complete. case has been repainted (nice job) by
previous owner. no mic. includes the power cord.
i think this is rare goodie, probably imported for
a short time by henry, if at all, (only web
references i found were both in japan). circa 1968
-1970 ?? no manual. $50 plus shipping and ins

here is a pic:

thanks 73 tom


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