SCR-522 info wanted (Things that go Bang in the night)

J. Forster jfor at ONEMAIN.COM
Mon Oct 29 00:05:32 EST 2001

Nigel Holmes 03 9626 1914 fax 03 9626 1917 wrote:

>         Hello John,
>         what do the red things look like?
>         The folklore says some mil radio gear did have demolition charges
>         fitted, but I've never seen any & don't know any specific models.

There is absolutely no doubt about the destruct charges in mil gear. I bought a
Eureka Beacon (AN/PPN-2) on eBay which had a live destruct charge in it until a few
weeks ago. It was removed and given to the National Guard before shipment to me. The
manual had specific instructions on removal of the device. It was 4" or 5" long and
about 1/4" in diameter. (Can YOU run 25' in 3 seconds??)

Also, 40 years ago, I had some Brit IFF (?) gear that had a place for a HE or
Thermite charge. I am unsure whether comm gear had charges, hence the question.

>         Moisture absorbing cannisters were installed in some British gear
>         like Plessey's C-43 and C-45 transceivers used in tanks & other
>         land mobile/front line installations. These were about 5/8" dia,
>         4 or 5" long in a finely perforated aluminium cylinder with red
>         anodising. They screwed into chassis mounted sockets and were
>         mounted in pairs about 1 - 2" apart. Scared me witless when I
>         first saw them...
>         73 Nigel VK3ZNQ
>         holmes.nigel at

It's possible. I'll pass it on.


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