Field Effect Transistor Question

James W. Miller JimWMiller at AOL.COM
Tue Oct 30 12:02:04 EST 2001

I've received a number of interesting suggestions on how to interface a BA rig to a modern Freq Counter. Thanks!

(Unfortunately I accidently deleted some email from Barry on this subject. Barry please send ur email address so that I can respond.)

The Circuit requirements:
1. High Z in, Low Z out.
2. Accepts 0.5 to 100+ VPP input.
3. Clips (without loss of High Z) to protect freq counter.
4. Works up to 30 Mhz.
5. Must be designed on K.I.S.S principle (Keep It Simple Stupid).

Apparently there is no perfect ckt that meets all requirements exactly but will design and test a working interface this weekend. I'll post the ckt. Comments, questions and (especially) alternative circuits would be fun and appreciated.

Thanks & 73,

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