FS: 51J-4, R-388, R-390A

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Mon Sep 3 16:32:51 EDT 2001

Delivery along I-95 may be possible this week.

1.  51J-4 project - $200.  with tag  It's got a replacement pwr xfmr
tywrapped in, not pretty.  No 6v fil voltage comes up, at least not past abt
2vac, so something's wrong in the fil. string or his attachment (not obvious
where he did it, he's got a lot of stuff in sheathing),  B+ does come up,
abt 235vdc, at 100-105 AC in.  The 5v line is OK, so the 5V4 works.  No BFO
pitch knob or shaft or switch linkage for the filters.  Filter box is there,
but bypassed somehow, a pc of coax in there, no filters. The knobs are
"different" at least to me, look like R-390 knobs that have morphed into
something a little larger, and much nicer to the touch, shiny black,
plastic?.  I think it could be made to work as an R-388 without too much

2.  R-388 - $300.  no tag, MFP'd 6/52.  I have rebuilt the PTO, reset the
span, it's within 1kc at all 100kc points.  Replaced 1- 0.1 cap in the AGC
ckt.  Clean, checks out OK on all functions/bands, may have slight hum in
audio, could use full alignment.

3.  R-390A - $300 - Motorola, s/n 477, with original meters & tag.  Missing
1 filter cap, but when I substituted one it does hear the calibrator on most
bands I tried (1-10mc), missed a couple on the lower end, did not try an
antenna.  BFO sounds off center.  There is evidence of the previous owner (a
local here, now SK,) having aligned and used this rcvr.  Definitely needs
some attention, but except for the filter cap, appears to be complete.

    These radios belonged to a local ham who was a professional technician,
did very thorough work, with old "Navy" procedures, i.e. red paint on
completed connections, etc.  Seems like he enjoyed working on radios, then
put them on the shelf after getting them in working condx.

I'm travelling the I-95 corridor from NC to Cape Cod Wed. & Thurs. this week
& next, with motel stops in mid-NJ & VA.  IF arrangements can be made by 7PM
ET tomorrow, Tues, 9/4, to meet me at the motel, or at an exit on I-95,
without delaying my progress more than 1/2 hr, I'll bring them along with me
for delivery.

Al Parker, W8UT
New Bern, NC
(252) 636-0837
BoatAnchors appreciated here
anchor at ec.rr.com

And remember; "-They don´t make tubes nowadays like they used to..."

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