Atlas Radio

Freeberg, Scott (STP) Scott.Freeberg at GUIDANT.COM
Fri Sep 7 09:44:26 EDT 2001

Its interesting to hear the start of an Atlas discussion.  I haven't heard
any Atlas info yet.  I recently bought an Atlas 215X with the matching Atlas
digital synthesizer for portable use.  I didn't know they had a digital
frequency synthesizer option before.  I've made a few contacts with the 215X
on 20 meters and it sounds great, is lightweight, and portable.  I do wish
it was the 210X though because I'd rather have the 10 meter band for
portable than 160 meters.  A 160 meter mobile antenna is something I'd
rather not get into.

I recall seeing the advertisements in QST some years back for the 'new Atlas
Co.' where Herb Johnson (I think thats right) was planning to bring out a
new Atlas transceiver after all these years.  I recall being quite impressed
and I was hoping he could pull it off.

73,  Scott WA9WFA in Saint Paul Minn
Atlas 215X

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