PC Boards

Jim Strohm jstrohm at TEXAS.NET
Tue Sep 11 14:47:31 EDT 2001

I recently saw a couple of internet postings about using flatbed plotters
to put resist directly on a PCB.

Is this a tool you have at your disposal?  Otherwise, there are some things
you can do with a laser printer, both for making pos / neg films and making
iron-on or direct transfer to PCB.

I'll do a data dump to the group on request...


KD6PT at AOL.COM writes:

>Hi Folks:  I am trying to make some small prototype pc boards and, since I
>have never done this before I need some help.  I did find a  DOS schematic
>drawing program which works great but I need a program for board layout and
>creating a velum for board etching.  I know that there many of you out there
>have done tlhis before so any help will be appreciated.

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