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Stephens, Al Allan.Stephens at EKU.EDU
Thu Sep 13 19:30:40 EDT 2001

Absolutely wrong response if we are the people we claim to be - remember
"liberty, and justice for all..?"  Plus the many freedoms so many have died
for over 200+ years, including freedom to worship as one chooses, and rule
by law.
     We have a solid Moslem population in this country, people who entered
legally, did the work, took the tests, swore the allegiance and have been
hard-working, tax-paying (isn't that all of us?), law-abiding Americans  -
much the same as most of our ancestors if you go back in time a bit.  People
from the Phillipines (families who died with us there fighting the
Japanese), Pakistan, from many of the North African nations, from all around
the world.  And of course there are our own home-grown ones, American
citizens who made that religious choice of their own free will.  I knew some
of them in Viet Nam, and some of their names are on The Wall.

     Blind hatred begets more death, more blind hatred.  See what has been
happening in parts of the world for hundreds of years, where people there
deliberately keep the hatred alive from generation to generation; places
like Northern Ireland where people who ostensibly worship the same God
(whose chief message was "love one another") continue to keep the hate
alive, or in the Balkans... or in the Middle East where Jews and Moslems
have been killing each other for who knows how long.  We can make other,
better, choices.  Seek out those responsible and disappear them - but if we
push the "FEAR" button, fan the flames of hate, the only thing that will
follow will be more killing.  When does it end, or HOW does it end?

     We have always had the means to end it all.  I once as a missle officer
in SAC, or the other, more difficult way: forgive, work together, respect
others' rights, property, beliefs.  And of couse the absurdity that the One
whose message was that we could have a heaven here on earth - IF - we would
learn to love each other - was tortured to death for daring to voice such a
dangerous idea....

     Sorry to be off topic (boatanchors - old radios, remember?), but I
could not let that comment pass unchallenged.

     Now how about back to the one thing we all can enjoy on this list, old
radios?  I still have that Valiant to sell, and an NCX-3 with speaker/ps,
and an HQ-110C with speaker...

     73,  Al  N5AIT
  allan.stephens at

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In my opinion, the government of the United States should bomb all
Muslim holy sites with PIG FAT. It would take them months to cleanse
their sites.

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