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For Sale:

All are in good condition, unless noted otherwise.

ARRL Handbooks For Sale:
1949 - shows its age, but OK - $ 20
1970 - cover slightly faded - $ 8
1976 - small cut in cover - $ 8
1982 - $ 8
1985 - looks almost like new - $ 10

Other ARRL books:

ARRL Ham Radio Operating Guide - first edition
1976   -   $ 8

Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur
ARRL - First Edition - 1977  -  $ 12

Manuals for the following:

Jansky and Bailey Division of Atlantic Research Corp
Loran-C System of Navigation
Feb 1962        $ 10

AN/USM-16 Signal Generator  (Byron Jackson)
T O 33A1-8-23-1   Operating Instructions
Sept 1955, with update to Sept 1971    $ 8

AN/USM-16 Signal Generator
T O 33A1-8-23-4  Illustrated Parts Breakdown
June 1955 with Nov 62 updates   $ 10

Sylvania Electronic Products "Technical Manual"
1953 edition, in binder.  Slightly taller than the
RCA HB-3. Starts with 0A3, and goes thru 27NP4.
There appear to be updates added, but no dates on the
updates that I can find.  This is not quite as comprehensive
as the RCA HB-3, but it really includes a lot.  $ 85

Radio Handbook by Editors and Engineers
Tenth Edition - 1946
Even the pictures are interesting!  Lots of
reference material.  This one is in good shape.
The binding is slightly dirty, but nothing major.
Apparently some of the pages in the back were
printed on a different type of paper, and show
some yellowing.  No marks or name that I can find.
$ 25

Electrical Engineering by Dawes
Volume 1 - Direct Currents
Third Edition - 1937
I would call this a basic text.  750 pages. It includes
a separate insert that has the answers to the problems.
Book is in nice shape, but does have a name on the
inside cover with a 1938 date.    $ 15

Electric Power Transmission and Distribution by Woodruff
Second Edition - 1938
Includes some wire charts. 257 pages.
Book is in good shape, as is the binding, but there is a fair
amount of writing inside.  $ 12

Unit Outlines in Physics by Colen and Newman
Paperback (I didn't know they made paperbacks then!)
Revised edition, 1940
Some wear, and writing.  $ 12

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



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