Globe King Questions...

George Maier gmaier at ULTRANET.COM
Sun Sep 16 21:18:43 EDT 2001

Hi all:
I'm in the process of restoring a Globe King 500B. One of the items I
need is one of the chrome trim pieces, such as found on the top and
bottom of the cabinet - in front (have one - other is missing)   I
assume that it's a Bud cabinet.  Is Bud still in business ?
Does anyone have one of these pieces for sale by any chance ?
Also - it appears that there was rear door at one time, as the hinge
pins are there but no door.  Is that the case - yes - no ??
The rig is in pretty good shape physically, and looks like the
electronics are all original, but a few missing mechanical bits here and
Thanks for the read
George Maier - K1GXT

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