Globe Champion 350A

Glen E. Zook gzook at HOME.COM
Mon Sep 17 17:45:02 EDT 2001

I have heard from the "powers that be", Leo W0GFQ and Al W0JJK, about
the Globe Champion 300, 300A, 350, and 350A.

According to Al, who was the head of the WRL amateur sales department,
there were about 2000 Globe Champion 300 transmitters made and a
significantly lower number of the 300A.  Then, there were about 3000 of
the Globe Champion 350 transmitters made.  There were some changes made
in the circuitry between the early model 350 and the later model 350
transmitters.  The later production models are basically 350A.  But, he
made no mention of any of them actually being marked as such.

The major differences between the 300 and 300A were the placement of the
buffer tube and the cooling fan.  It seems that the magnetic field from
the cooling fan introduced a "hum" into the signal because of the
vibration of the tube shield.  The original 350 units differed primarily
in cosmetics from the 300A.  Then, improvements were made, especially in
the VFO.

This is kinda like the Heath DX-100A.  There were no DX-100A
transmitters sent from the factory.  Instead, this number was "reserved"
for those units that had the field modification changing the antenna
loading from the switched fixed capacitors to the continuously variable
capacitor.  The next version that Heath came out with was the DX-100B.

Therefore, the answer to the question whether or not the 350A exists is
a definite "maybe"!  Yes, the latest versions were definitely different
from the earlier versions.  However, there exists the definite
probability that they were not marked as such.

So, according to this information, K1JNN has a 350 and I have a 350A!

Glen, K9STH

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