Globe Champion 350A

Glen E. Zook gzook at HOME.COM
Tue Sep 18 17:31:56 EDT 2001

The main difference is in the VFO.  The later versions of the 350 have a dial cord
drive from the tuning which is attached to the VFO chassis (comes out intact when
you take the three screws loose from the main chassis).  The 300, 300A, and
earlier 350 models have a large disc attached to the variable capacitor and a slip
ring drive like the most of the Heath gear that is attached to the front panel.

I think there are some minor component value changes as well.  I do know that the
VFO in my 350 is much more stable than most of the Globe Champions (various
models) and the Globe Kings that inhabit 3880 KHz.

Anyway, I am in the process of comparing an early (at least earlier) version of
the 350 to mine to see if I can "spot" anything "drastic" in their construction
other than the VFO.

Glen, K9STH

Pete Ferrand wrote:

> I've never seen a 350A marked as such either. Do you know what the
> changes were?

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