Pictures needed

Roger A. McCarty rmccarty at EARTHLINK.NET
Tue Sep 18 21:35:25 EDT 2001

Hey Guys/Gals,

Still trying to get some high res photos of a Collins Classic for my Son to
Draw. If any one with a digital camera would be willing to oblige, he will
insert your call sign somewhere in the Drawing.

We would like to get some pictures of the 32s 75s combo, front,  and oblique
front views that shows the depth of the chassis (with case). Also important
are very detailed images of the dial escutcheons and meters.

Sean is NOT drawing these for profit. Rather, he is putting together a
portfolio for further educational purposes as well as distribution to the
Ham community.

The URL for his current drawings was posted previously and I do not feel it
appropriate to do so again. Anyone interested may write to me off line.

If anyone is willing to assist in this venture please contact me off line.

Thanks VERY much

Roger KD6CC

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