FS Spotless Drake R-4B Receiver

Michael Crestohl mc at SOVER.NET
Sun Sep 23 07:54:42 EDT 2001

If you're looking for a nice clean DRAKE R-4B receiver this may be of
interest to you.

It is from an estate and is in extremely clean condition.  (Others may say
that it is MINT but that is a term I do not use lightly).  It does have a
small amount of "grunge" on the copper-clad chassis which could be cleaned
up but I am leaving it as-is for the new owner to do if desired.  I however
would say that it is definitely "collector quality".

Some Drake fans actually prefer the R-4B to the R-4C because all the
filters are included whereas in the C-line they had to be purchased
separately.  I cannot see any modifications, repairs or signs of excessive
heat.  All it needs is a cleaning up and a 6EH5 tube which is missing.  The
PRESELECTOR is a bit sticky at the high end, probably because the radio was
not used for a few years.  This can easily be cured by cleaning and
lubricating the mechanicals.  It is smooth and positive otherwise.  There
is no play in the VFO and the cosmetics are excellent.  There is a copy of
the manual included with the radio.

I am asking USD $250.00 plus shipping for this fine example of one of R L
Drake's excellent receivers.  I will pack and ship worldwide.  If
interested please reply by e-mail.


Michael Crestohl  W1RC
mc at sover.net

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