FS:TEK 465 O'SCOPE & others

Dee Almquist w4pnt at VAIX.NET
Wed Sep 26 10:21:50 EDT 2001

Hi Dave
My plan @ this time is to bring several scopes to Bowie, Md HF. I need to
keep one so whatever sells first & will put one away for my bench. An update
on the Tek 465. I went thru the scope yesterday, repaired the case, handle,
painted cab (ball park blue, not exact color), ran scope thru paces, etc.
Comes with 2 10x probes (one Tek other Phillips) but no book. Everything
works including delay feature & single sweep. Real nice scope! The price;
$275. or with cart $300. The bag is remounted correctly instead of taped to
to cab w / duct tape (uugh!). I didnt spend any time on cleaning up the cart
but its very useable, nothing broken.
The other major scope is a Philips 3055A 50mhz scope that is exceptional in
features & works very well. It is (mentioned previous post) a digi control w
/ LCD display for sensitivity volts thru .2 mv, dual channel & time base
read out on LCD (neet). Does not have delay feature that I can determine but
I have not read the book either. Oh yes, this one comes with manual as well
as 2 ,10x probes. I had to epoxi the plastic front ring together (I broke
it!!). But its a-ok.  A very nice scope! Price $300.
The other good scope is the HP 1704A 100 mhz scope. I have run this thru its
paces & cleaned it up. Everything works but the 2nd time base for the delay
feature. And I'm not going to even try to fix it. I never use the delay
feature anyway. I used it for everything on the bench including AM
modulation envelope, etc. I put 52mhz into it & it displays that fine. I
will include one probe with it. Its a very clean scope! Price $150. No book.
The Tek 454 is for parts. It displays & HV is good, CRT is good & bright,
both chan work, but no sinc pulse. And with that no single sweep either.
Price $?? (not much).
The only practical way to sell the Tek cart is deliver. Thats why Bowie HF.
If I bring back anything that I planned to sell, then I will ship to where
ever (handling / shipping extra). I can send a pic of any of the above.
Hopefull we'll see you @ Bowie, Md this week end (weather cooperates) & I
dont get lost getting there.
73 es Dee

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