DX-35 / DX-40 Crystal Doors

Glen E. Zook gzook at HOME.COM
Fri Sep 28 14:59:08 EDT 2001

As of today, I have obtained a better crackle paint for the replacement
crystal doors for the DX-35 and DX-40.  It is somewhat "deeper", but has
a much more "uniform" pattern that what I was using.

If anyone who has obtained a door would rather have the "new" paint,
please return the door that you now have and I'll replace it free of
charge.  The last of the "old" paint was shipped on Tuesday.  The basic
color is still Heath Gray #110.

If anyone else is interested in obtaining a replacement crystal door for
their DX-35 or DX-40, the cost is $10 plus $1.50 for shipping and
handling making a total of $11.50 for each door unless you just happen
to live in Texas.  Then I have to collect an additional 83 cents for
sales tax making the total $12.33 for each door.

I am still looking for a source for the 2 inch diameter hole plug that
is the basis of the crystal door for the Heath DX-20.  If I can locate a
source of these, I can make replacement doors for the DX-20.  However,
they will be supplied with a "stud" for the knob (just like the
originals) but will be less the large plastic Heath knob which is the
same as is used on the DX-20, DX-35, DX-40, and DX-100.

For those who have lost my mailing address (or didn't have it in the
first place!) it is as follows:

Glen E. Zook, K9STH
410 Lawndale Drive
Richardson, Texas 75080


Glen, K9STH

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