WTB: EH Scott SLR-H parts

Paul DeFayette pjdefayette at EARTHLINK.NET
Tue Apr 2 18:21:57 EST 2002

Good evening group,

I am in need of some parts to restore an EH Scott SLR-H receiver, thanks to
the care and gentle handling of the UPS shipping crew. :-/  If anyone can
help me out with any of these original parts, I would greatly appreciate it.

*model SLR-H front panel ( like RBO, but has area to the right of the dial
bezel for the  N.L. switch and CW Osc. control)
*front panel to chassis 45 degree angle supports (left and right side)
*ON/Off switch and wires (quantity of 1)
*Noise limiter switch and wires (quantity of 1)
*Fidelity knob (skirted with arrow) (quantity of 1)

I also need the following original items that are missing:

*Electronics chassis bottom panel (quantity of 1)
*Square ceramic stand-off that holds stationary side of variable cap to
frame. (approx. 1" square w/ round corners.  Shown with C-144 in RBO manual)
*Control grid cap and wire for V-101 RF tube.
*New reproduction plastic dial "glass" (does someone reproduce them?)

Any and all help or leads will be quite helpful.  This receiver was double
boxed and padded very well and UPS was still able to damage it.  They warped
the front panel and bent in the ends, broke the two switches and the
fidelity knob.  I think they X-ray packages to seek out vintage gear and
then destroy.  It's pitiful.

Thanks again for any help you can provide.


Paul DeFayette
Durham, NC

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