Snake oil

Richie L. Allen rallen at SWCP.COM
Fri Apr 12 17:19:22 EDT 2002

I laughed so hard I busted my gutwire........

Seriously, have you ever talked to these fanatics?  I guess after a while
they get so much $$$ invested in oxygen depleted copper power cords and gold
tinned shielded cables that they have to 'believe'.  I worked my way through
college selling high end audio, the most profitable items were accessories.
All the while I had my Scott 6L6 amplifier hooked to a pair of home made
speaker cabinets with zip cord scavenged from old extension cords.  Hard to
keep a straight face sometimes.

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From: J. Forster <jfor at>
Date: Friday, April 12, 2002 02:16 PM
Subject: Snake oil

> Once again, it is time to get a few laughs over new audio (or is it
> audiofool?) accessories.
> 1) First, for a power cable suffixed as "clef". Ya right...I want to buy a
power cord in G Clef.
> only $300 to $2000 USD
> 2) And a power cord that's thick enough to run your kitchen stove.
> Too bad,  "audio comedy" wasn't popular, otherwise those comedians would
have an never-ending source of material.
  From Jerry Proc


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