Snake oil

John Kolb jlkolb at CTS.COM
Sat Apr 13 12:29:20 EDT 2002

On Sat, 13 Apr 2002, ejforwood Jerold Forwood wrote:

> Part of all of your problems is the term "low IQ".  I worked in
> the audio department of an appliance company back in the good old
> days.  The stupidest customers were the ones with the highest IQ's.
> They did the most research and always believed anything that was
> published in a trade journal.  They never could grasp the idea that
> the Magazines were published to sell magazines and they always needed
> material to fill the pages.  Also the most qualifying specification
> was the price.

Reminds me of the department store salesman who told me Mitsubishi
TV's had the best picture tubes in the world because Mitsubishi
owned Nikon, and everyone knows Nikon makes the best lenses.

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