Heathkit Apache & Mohawk combo

Gene Holcombe n5zdf at NETDOOR.COM
Sat Apr 20 13:07:11 EDT 2002

These two beautiful hunks of iron sit gracefully here in my hamshack.  Glen Zook has returned them to their beauty and functionality of years ago. I would like to hear from users of this combo any operating techniques  they could share and what their experience of operating SSB with use of the SB 10 SSB adapter.  I would say to any ham that they should consider acquiiring one of these units and join in the fun.  You will find a number of regional groups or national groups here on 75 or10 meters just enjoying the AM of yesterday.  No 10-10 numbers or  contact number, just hams yakking with pleasure.  Thanx for the read.

73  de  Gene  N5ZDF

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