FS: COILS $1.00 and up

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Thu Aug 1 05:18:25 EDT 2002

Various Airdux style coils etc.

22 turn air core coil. Silver plated 16 gauge wire. Terminated with solder lugs.
Dimensions 2-1/2" long X 3/4" diameter. Inductance is 2 uH.
QTY 1 available for $2.50

Air core coil #1 - This coil is 3" diameter and 4" long.
32 turns of 16 awg tinned or silver plated copper wire with mounting
hardware. Great tank coil for a homebrew final amplifier
or antenna tuner. QTY 1 available. Will sell for $15.00 plus shipping

Air core coil #2 - This coil is 3" diameter and 6" long.
48 turns of 16 awg tinned or silver plated copper wire.
Great tank coil for a homebrew final amplifier
or antenna tuner. QTY 1 available. Will sell for $18.00 plus shipping

35 turn coil set - extra nice, new airdux type coil with taps, mounting plate and
pair of 2.5" ceramic standoff insulators plus all hardware.
Coil is 5" long and 2.5" diameter. 14 or 16 gauge wire.
Inductance is 31 uH. Great for homebrew projects. QTY 1 set available for $14.00

4 MHz plug-in coil on a 4-pin base. Marked as "B" and has the range of 3.8 to 6.5
marked on it. Uses enamelled copper wire. Clean. Dimensions 3" Tall X 1.5"
diameter. QTY 1 only for $6.00

4 pin plug-in coil wider spaced - looks like it is possibly for 15 meter band.
Has 9 turns of #20 gauge copper wire. Dimensions 2.25" Tall 1.5" diameter.  QTY
1 available for $4.00

4-pin plug-in coil #3 has form dimensions 2.25" tall X 1.5" diameter.
11 turns of 20 gauge enamelled copper wire. Inductance is 6.5 uH.
QTY 1 available for $5.00

48 turn air core coil - airdux style. Has Dimensions 6.25" Tall 2" diameter.  QTY 1
only available for $10.00

4-pin plug-in coil. Marked "A" and for range of 2.1 to 4.1 MHz.
Dimensions 3" Tall X 1.5" diameter. QTY 1 available for $6.00

Small 4-pin plug-in coil. Has 9 turns of 20 gauge copper wire. Looks likea good
candidate for 15 or 20m band.
QTY 1 available for $3.00

5-pin plug-in coil with copper windings - clear plastic form. Looks like these are for
75 meters. QTY 2 for $6.00 each.

5 turn coil with plug and socket - looks like it would resonate on 6 meters.  Will sell
for $2.00

6 turn air wound coil - airdux style. Dimensions XX" long X XX" diameter.  One
only - available for $3.00

6-pin plug-in coil form  - clear plastic, new and never used.
American Phenolic Corp. of Chicago. QTY 1 only. Will sell for $5.00

6 turn coil on black plastic form with mounting screw. Suitable for VHF driver. Will
sell for $2.00

7 MHz plug-in coil. Octal base - was designed for use with the Vintage Radio Kit
CP5CW transmitter, but will work with any small or medium size HF rig. QTY 1
available for $5.00

91 turn air core coil - Measures 6.5" in length and 1.5" diameter. 14 turns per
65 uH inductance. Excellent with plexiglas support and four mounting holes.
QTY 1 only for $12.00

Ceramic coil, split off-center. Has total of 20 turns with a tap at 13 turns.
On white ceramic form - former dimensions 3" long X 1.5" diameter.
Coil length is 2". Inductance is 8.56 uH. Qty 1 only for $3.00

Ceramic coil with approx 110 turns of green cotton covered wire.
White ceramic form has dimensions - 2" long X 1.5" diameter.
Inductance is around 330 uH. Suitable for AM band or LF applications.
Has screw terminals and solder lugs for connection.
New old stock. QTY 1 only for $4.00

Coil form, ribbed white ceramic. Dimensions are 5" long and 2" diameter.
Ribbed style with slots for wire. Designed to hold 26 turns and would have
about 20 uH. Has 4 mounting holes on each end. Has been repaired; looks fine,
hence low price. Qty 1 only at $1.00

Plug-in coil with link coupling. 20m coil on 5-pin base.
Marked as model 2420. Unsure of brand. Airdux style coil has 11 turns and the
link outside it has 3 turns. QTY 1 only for $5.00

Miniductor B & W 3011 in the original box. Air core coil, 3/4" diameter X 2-5/8"
HAs 46 turns. Some taps have been attached to the coil.
Note refers to CQ Magazine Aug 1954 Page 19. QTY 1 for $3.00

Another B & W miniductor in the original box. This one is missign the part number.
Dimensions are 1-3/4" long X 1" diameter. 30 turns with a center tap.
QTY 1 available for $3.00

Multi-tapped coil. Unique design attached to a PC board with a tap for every turn.
Airdux type air core form. Coil has a total of 32 turns and dimensions of
4" long X 1.5" diameter. QTY 1 available for $6.00

Tank coil with taps. White ceramic ribbed form has holes for mounting with metal
(not supplied) Form length is 5" X 2" diameter. Winding consists of 35 turns of
16gauga silver plated or tinned copper wire, 3" in length. Taps are at 16, 23 and
30 turns.
QTY 1 available for $8.00

Unusual coil - has two stepped levels. Overall dimensions2-1/4" tall X 7/8" diameter.
Upper section is 3/8" diameter with 6 turn coil, lower secion has 8 turns on
7/8" diameter section. Solder terminals. With metal mounting bracket.
QTY 1 only at $1.00

UTC Hermetic variductor, model HVC-8, new in box.
This is a small 4 Henry variable choke.
Will sell for $2.00

Ceramic coil with tapped roller, that actually does not
roll. Rather it permits a tap to be placed at any point on the coil and adjusted
as needed by hand. White ribbed shiny ceramic form, 24 turns of 12 or 14 gauge
Diameter is 2.5 inches. 6 turns per inch. Inductance range is 0 to 18.5 uH.
Mounted on a large 4-pin jack bar  and socket system with all mounting hardware.
Robustly constructed. QTY 1 only, available for $15.00

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