B/A serviceing

k3jpb k3jpb at MSN.COM
Wed Aug 7 13:13:30 EDT 2002

Some freinds and I were hashing over service the other day and they
suggested I mention one of the subjects to the faithful. It concerns voltage
measurements on your goodies. Use the service manual to discover what type
of voltmeter was used to make the measurements that the manufactuer
published in hus manual.  Was it 1000 ohms/volt--20000 ohms/volt,or a10 meg
VTVM. They can give very different readings,and cause you grey hairs.(most
or us have enough allready)You will find the older instruments available at
hamfests,and web auctions at very inexpensive prices,and if you are serious
about you'r serviceing ,you really should have at least one of each.   Bill

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