Hallic. SX-24

k7mks k7mks at ATTBI.COM
Wed Aug 7 16:43:37 EDT 2002

Am restoring a SX-24 and find that Vg to the 2 IF tubes (6sk7s) run -9
to -20VDC instead of the usual slightly negative.  Vp & Vsg are OK.
Removing the 6H6 DET/AVC has no effect on this high negative voltage which
also appears on the RF amp. grid.  All caps have been changed. Tuning
through an AM station it sounds like the BFO is ON  when it is not.
Reducing RFG clears problem somewhat.  Am wondering if RF stage could be
oscillating with RFG full CW.  Have substituted tubes to no avail.  The
source of the high negative voltage on AVC line has me puzzled.  Any ideas.
Please respond directly.  Thanks, Joe K7MKS

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