Another local parts shop ready to close

George Maier gmaier at RCN.COM
Mon Aug 19 11:57:27 EDT 2002

Linear Electronics of Waltham Mass is preparing to close their doors after
many decades in business.  This is not a well known parts supplier, but more
of a survivor of the old days of TV & radio service.  They have been my ace
in the hole for nearly twenty years when it came to finding goodies that no
one else carried any more.  They do not have any exotic transmitting tubes,
but a good supply of NOS receiving tubes and some hard to find NOS
components, including can type electrolytics; nothing for the S-line - BTW.
I just got some Globar resistors, as one example.
Give them a call before it's too late.  781-894-7300.  Be patient, their
inventory system is 100% manual.
Disclaimer - I have no connection with Linear what so ever, other than being
a long time customer that is sad to see day approaching.
Vy 73 to all
George Maier - K1GXT

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