Knight station for sale

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Tue Aug 20 23:56:14 EDT 2002

Knight T-150 transmitter and R-100A receiver.
Reconditioned, aligned, etc.

Both cabinets have been refinished including
"recrackling" and new rubber feet.  Both have 3-wire
power cords added for safety.  Both have been
completely aligned, tested, etc.

The transmitter has new final amplifier tubes and the
other tubes are fine.  Wiring is "average", not that
bad, but not that good.  The paper capacitors (there
were some) have been replaced with orange drops.
Front panel is in good condition, but shows some wear.

I did make one minor modification to the transmitter.
The buffer-multiplier normally doubles on 6 meters and
the driver triples.  This is contrary to most 6 meter
rigs.  The coil for the buffer-multiplier was changed
so that it triples and the driver now doubles.  The
power output almost doubled with the same power input
on 6 meters.  All other bands are original.  The coil
change and the 3-wire cord are the only modifications

The receiver has the optional 100 KHz crystal
calibrator installed.  Wiring is excellent, actually
looks "professional".  Calibration of the dial
actually tracks fairly closely (I understand that band
D is sometimes a problem).  Not exact, but the end
points are on and the intermediate points are pretty
close.  Images are there, like all single conversion
receivers, but are definitely "down" in signal
strength.  There were no paper capacitors in the
receiver.  Front panel is in excellent condition.  The
3-wire cord is the only modification.

Photos available upon request.

$350 for the pair plus shipping.  Remember, these are
fully reconditioned, repainted, etc.

Glen, K9STH

Glen, K9STH

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