HT37 Keying Question

Al Parker anchor at EC.RR.COM
Sun Aug 25 13:03:08 EDT 2002

Hi Bob,
    It doesn't have PTT "as-is", but 2 things are possible.  1.  I have, in
the past, set the VOX so that when I key the mike & speak, it comes in, and
delays just a little when I let up on the mic.  My mic is a D-104, which
switches the element in /out, plus has a PTT contact which isn't used in
this instance.  2.  It's not hard to add the PTT ckt which was used, I
think, in the later HT-32A or B.  It only takes the addition of 1 wire to a
contact on a mic jack or separate jack, as I remember.  You do need to
install a 2-ckt mic connector, or put a PTT jack on the back panel.
    Somewhere, on disk, I've got a copy of a magazine "shorty' that details
it, & would be glad to look for it & email it to you.
Al, W8UT
New Bern, NC
BoatAnchors appreciated here

----- Original Message -----
> I may be missing something  but a possible  dumb question....  Is  there
> anyway  to  use a PTT  on an  HT37b and  not use
> the  MOX switch  or  the  VOX....I  don't  like VOX  and  don't  want to
> wear  out the function switch...HELP Please....
> Have read the manual  and do not see it....Thanks
> Best 73's  Bob K1JNN/5
> Mesquite, Tx 75149

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