FS: Filament Transformers

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Fri Aug 30 06:14:13 EDT 2002

Just got a few more filament transformers here folks...

For sale:

All 115V/120V AC primary except as noted.

Triad F-18X Sec. 6.3V CT at 6A. QTY 1 only for $14.00

6.3V at 8.3 Amps - upright type. Will sell for $20.0 each

Sec: 10V at 6A QTY 3 available for $15.00 each

Sec 7.5V CT at 51 Amps! (Has dual 115V / 230V primaries)
Suitable for 3CX3000 and other QRO tubes.
Commercial quality. QTY 2 available for $110.00 each

Also - ferrite choke cores that clamp onto cables for RFI
removal = $5.00 each

Pictures available - e-mail me.

Shipping additional

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