Heath Cheyenne Dials and Overlays

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Mon Dec 16 13:25:16 EST 2002

I have just completed the new dial and dial overlay
for the Heathkit Cheyenne (MT-1) transmitter.  These
are not scans, but are completely new computer
generated items.  I am presently working on the dial
and overlay for the Comanche (MR-1).

When the dial drum for the HG-10 VFO gets here
(someone is sending me one), I will do the same thing
for the HG-10.

The overlays and drums that I presently have for the
Mohawk and the Apache are in process of being redone.
Those were a combination of scan + computer graphics.
The new ones will be completely computer generated.

You can make a new dial drum for any of these items by
using a PVC "tail piece" that is 1.5 inches in
diameter from any home-improvement center.  The one
thing is that the new dials are completely opaque and
not slightly translucent as were the originals.

Both the overlay and complete dial drums are

Right now, the price for the Cheyenne dials (and will
be the same for the Comanche in a few days) is

Overlay:  $18.50 CONUS, $19.50 Canada, $20.03 Texas.

Drum:  $25.00 CONUS, $27.00 Canada, $27.06 Texas.

You can get the information on the Mohawk and Apache
drums at http://home.attbi.com/~zcomco

Remember, it is not the price of the materials used in
the creation of these dials, but it is all the labor
that went into the artwork.

Glen, K9STH

Glen, K9STH

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