Dee Almquist w4pnt at VAIX.NET
Sun Dec 22 19:27:00 EST 2002

First item is Altec 360B stereo amp, solid state combo mixer / power amp.
Uses Pearless transformer, is in excellent operating condition, looks good,
clean, had pots & switches cleaned, tested, sounds more like a tube amp in
quality. Has much more "realism" than my late Marantz @ home. $250. +
shipping. Its probably 40#.
Have pic if you want a look.

I also have a Simpson 260 (series 4) front panel & meter complete (no
electronics), NOS in box. Pic available. $15. + shipping. Note: this does
not fit a late "260".

I also have a projector audio amp using 6V6 pp with film strip sensor (vac
tube). And it works & is clean with controls. $15. + ship.

Any interest in a Heath early HiFi preamp? This is out of the '50s. I hate
to dumpster it.  Make offer.

Another item; Fisher stereo tuner mod 50 (yes it has multiplex bd). Works
well but some of screening missing off panel. dial good. Chassis clean (but
dusty). Used it as shop radio some yrs ago. Worth $30. to you?

These are some items I need to see gone. And there will be more including
some tx tubes. (nos 250th, nos 810s, nos big rectifiers, a nos 304tl, nos
6146b's, & more)
73 es Dee

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