john johnmb at NC.RR.COM
Wed Dec 25 17:43:51 EST 2002

Ahhh...the Ranger tankcoil-itus! If the deteriorating Lucite doesnt get
you , tilting the rig back while working on 'em almost guarantees a shattered
73 and good luck!
John wb5oau

At 12:09 PM 12/25/02 -0500, Dee Almquist wrote:
>Hi Fellow AM'rs
>I'm finially facing the problem..... Johnson Ranger tank coils that have
>fallen apart &, of coarse, no new replacements avail, unless by chance (&
>expensive when found). I'v rebuilt a few with new lucite strips but its a
>Answer to the problem is coil stock cut to specs. Recently I acquired a
>Ranger that has a replacement tank of such stock & its neet!
>Anyone know of a source of B & W or other coil stock that measures 2 3/4"
>dia. x 6 turns per inch, new or NOS (plastic like new)? I'm going to search
>the internet but I thought I would run this by you. Will gladly share info
>on how to configure a tank for your Ranger if you need. This Ranger I will
>soon restore with this tank coil in it. Even it will to be replaced because
>of deteriation. I'm sure it loads on all bands for it is very close to the
>original Johnson design, same coil count, etc.
>Thanks & 73
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