FRR-59 formerly know as SRR-50

Tom Clarke fclarke at EROLS.COM
Fri Feb 1 16:21:27 EST 2002


Sorry about the confusion on the nomenclature for the Receiver.  The owner
of the radio was not sure of the name and this was close!  It is indeed an
FRR-59 and looks complete with cables still attached.

Lots of interest in the Rx and it turns out that the radio room restoration
committee for the Battleship USS New Jersey wants it.  The owner wanted to
see it go to something like that, so we boatanchor aficionados will have to
keep looking!

I don't know if the owner has a manual with it, but if he does I intend to
copy it before sending it along with the Rx.

Thanks for the interest.

73 de Tom/W4OKW

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