Info from old QST needed please

Kurt Brandstetter kurt.brandstetter at TELEWEB.AT
Tue Feb 5 16:37:01 EST 2002

Hello from Vienna !

Yesterday I purchased a Rhode & Schwarz R&S EK 056/4 receiver; I'll get this
fine piece at the beginning of March.

Fred Osterman writes in his book (SW Receivers Past & Present 3rd edtition)
on page 371:

"This interesting model was featured in a full page ad in the June 1974
issue of QST". Can someone of you provide me with a scan of this page from

The EK 056/4 is not mentioned in Osterman's book; its the version of the EK
056 with a built in preselector. This receiver is indeed an interesting
It has a 20 positions filter (0.075 to 12 kHz) made with an analog (or
digital) filter and not with mechanical or crystal filters. I have not seen
this in any other receiver built in this time (1973).

So please if you can help me with a scan or a copy (a scan would be cheaper
and quicker, hi) I would be really thankful for it.

TIA Kurt
Greetings from Vienna !
73 de Kurt OE 1002419          ICQ-UIN 43074273
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