DX-20 and DX-35/DX-40 cabinets

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Mon Feb 11 16:42:47 EST 2002

I have refinished the two DX-20 cabinets and the one
DX-35/DX-40 cabinet.  The gray crackle is a bit
"deeper" than the original (I have not had good "luck"
with getting an "even" finish for the very light
crackle).  They are finished in Heath #110 gray (from
Total Electronics) and have new "rubber baby buggy
bumpers" (if you don't know where that comes from, you
are definitely too young!) installed (these are the
"feet" on the cabinet!).  Also, the DX-35/DX-40 case
comes with one of my reproduction crystal door covers
installed and the DX-20 cabinets come with one of my
reproduction hole plugs.  The DX-20 hole plug DOES NOT
have the large gray plastic knob attached.  There is a
"stud" per the original, you supply the knob.

$90 each plus $10 shipping CONUS.  Canada will have to
check for shipping charges.  Texas residents $97.43
plus $10 shipping (8.25% sales tax).

I still have plenty of the reproduction crystal doors
for the DX-35/DX-40 at $11.50 post paid CONUS, $13.50
US post paid Canada, and $12.33 post paid Texas

The crystal hole plugs for the DX-20/HX-11 come in
both "plain" and "painted" versions.  A great
percentage of the rigs had plain ones, but some did
have painted ones.  Also, the painted ones do look
better!  These DO NOT have the large gray plastic knob
attached.  They do have a "stud" to attach the knob
per the originals.

Plain:  $14.00 post paid CONUS, $16.00 US post paid
Canada, $15.16 post paid Texas residents.

Painted (gray crackle finish):  $16.00 post paid
CONUS,  $18.00 US post paid Canada, $17.32 post paid
Texas residents.

If you want your DX-35/DX-40 or DX-20 cabinet painted
(includes new "feet"), then it is a "flat" $60 plus
$10 shipping back to you.  Painting includes stripping
all the way to "bare" metal, priming, applying
crackle, and then final paint.  This does NOT include
a new reproduction crystal door/plug.

Glen, K9STH

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