Johnson and Heath parts

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sat Feb 16 00:11:49 EST 2002

I have been "talked into" parting out my Pacemaker.
The front panel and meter are already gone, but
everything else is still there including all the knobs
which have the white indicators replaced.

Also, I have some of the parts from a parted out
Valiant left as well as some parts from a parted out

In addition, I recently acquired a "butchered" DX-20
that I have gotten the parts off of that I need.  All
of the power supply parts had been removed and a plate
modulator using transistors for the modulators had
been built in.  I am parting this out as well.  All of
the r.f. parts are there.  The meter, knobs, and
cabinet are not available.

Let me know what you need and I'll come up with a
price.  Also, am open for trades for various boat
anchor items.

Glen, K9STH

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