FS: Several Rigs

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sun Feb 24 08:56:14 EST 2002


Collins 75A-1 Receiver with filer. No case. Needs work but very
much restorable. No case. All original knobs.
Picture available on request.
Will sell for $275.00 plus shipping

Hallicrafters S-38D receiver, silver case and front panel.
Has all original knobs. Bandspread dial is slipping. Needs new
output transformer, but is otherwis ein good shape. Case has some
wear and scratches, but no bad dents etc. A very restorable
receiver.  Will sell for $45.00 plus shipping

Hallicrafters S-40A communications receiver
Serial number HA-90221
Nice receiver - All original, with a fine looking
front panel. Original knobs, dial etc. Covers 540 kc. to 54
MHz in four bands, with sensitivity control, AVC on-off, tone
control, noise limiter, BFO and send-receive switch and rear
Also has front panel headphone jack. Built in speaker. The set lights
up and appears to be working but has a loud hum. Likely just
needs a capacitor replaced. Will sell for $75.00 plus shipping

Realistic DX-160 Receiver with Realistic speaker
Excellent condition general coverage shortwave
receiver set. Will sell for $75.00 plus shipping.
Pictures available on request

Knight TR-106 transceiver with the matching V-107 VFO unit
and cables. This is a 6m AM rig with built-in speaker. Silver and blue
with a great looking case.
Front panel looks really good. Has all original knobs. It is NOT in mint
condition, but shows less than normal wear. No bad dents or dings.
The power cable to the TR-106 is missing but you can easily make
one. I have not tested it but it is all there. No mods or damage.
Will sell for $135.00 plus shipping

BC-733F Receiver with dynamotor DM-53A for 28 V
DC operation.
Black case, complete and in good shape. Has
service and inspection tag from 1959.
Comes with the connector and the original
Looks to be in very good condition. Unmodified. Will sell for $30.00
Picture available on request

R-268/ARN-5B Receiver - Black case, similar to BC-
733F, but marked for 24V DC
and no dynamotor. It's all there including the
shock mounts and special
bayonet connectors. Looks to be in very good
condition. Unmodified. Will sell for $30.00
Picture available on request

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