Parts and assemblies for sale

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Mon Feb 25 14:31:29 EST 2002

I have the following reproduction assemblies for sale:

Heath:  Main VFO dial for DX-100, DX-100B, VF!
        Green "fiducial" for above

        DX-35 / DX-40 Crystal door covers
        DX-20 / HX-11 Crystal hole plugs

        SB-Line Interconnect cable kits

Johnson:  Crystal hole plugs for Valiant, Ranger, etc.

          Changeover relay plugs (HC6/U style)

Drake:  4-Line Interconnect cable kits

Collins:  S-Line Interconnect cable kits

          51J "Megacycle" dial overlays

          Reprint of 30L-1 transmitter ad (NOT linear)

E-Mail for details and prices

Still have most Johnson Pacemaker parts (from parted
out unit), some Heath DX-20 parts, and some National
NCX-3 parts.  Very few items left from a Valiant.

Also, have the following cabinets reconditioned
(repainted, etc.)

Heath DX-35 / DX-40 with crystal door cover
Heath DX-20 (have two) with crystal hole plug
Johnson large cabinet (Valiant, Pacemaker, 500, etc.)

NCX-3 (not repainted but in excellent condition)

E-Mail for details or for a copy of price list.

Glen, K9STH

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