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Michael Crestohl mc at SOVER.NET
Tue Feb 26 07:25:01 EST 2002

Hi Gang:

I've been lurking in the shadows for quite some time now and  have enjoyed
reading much of the traffic on here.  I'd like to pose a question to the
group that may become an interesting thread for all.

My family and I recently moved into a house here in the Upper Valley region
of Vermont/New Hampshire.  We have a nice two-car garage which has new
electric doors that lock and a cement floor, basement ( with cement floor)
and an attic.  All three places are unheated.

My question is about equipment storage.   I would like to know what is the
best place to store my "Boatanchors" and manuals collection that are not
being used at this time.  I have kept them in a temperature and humidity
controlled storage facility for the past three and a half years (don't ask
what it has cost me!) but now is the time to move them.

My concerns are the heat of the attic in the summer and the potential of
high humidity and of flooding of the basement.  I would also like to know
the best way to test the basement for humidity and what is an acceptable
level.  If this is relevant the house is heated by forced air from an
oil-burning furnace less than a year old. The house itself is about 85
years old and is located at the top of a 100 foot embankment.  My manuals
are boxed in USPS Priority Mail boxes (the older ones with the non-sticky
flaps) which serve as a filing system as well as keeping them flat and on

So basically I'm asking about the best place to store vacuum tube-based
electronic equipment and paper manuals in an 85 year-old house with an
attic, basement and two-car garage in Central Vermont.

73 all,

Michael Crestohl
mc at

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