2-wire Cheater Cords from AES

Jim Strohm jstrohm at TEXAS.NET
Thu Feb 28 16:30:22 EST 2002

Kees made this fine offer --

>However, if you want to stay original or have a transformerless unit,
>you have to use the "TV cheater" type cord ....preferably with an
>isolation transformer.
>AES sells brand new cheater cords for $1.50, but there is a $2.50
>handling charge and around $5.00 shipping if that's all you wanted
>to order.
>I will order in bulk from AES (their PN S-W105 and S-H117) which
>costs me a total of $2.29 per cord, and resend these out 1st class
>for $6 total for two cords or $12 total for 4 cords which is my cost.
>Sure would be nice if someone did this for us smaller qty users for
>orange drops from Mouser.

A reminder -- if you make a "suicide cord" with a good used (free)
2-conductor cord and a couple of alligator clips, it's still hard to beat
Kees' price.

So -- what value Orange Drops did you want?


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