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Eddy Swynar gswynar at DURHAM.NET
Tue Jan 1 17:38:28 EST 2002

The shack cleaning/re-arranging continues...!

I have a number of items here that have been collecting dust for
awhile---these may be of specific interest to homebrewers out there, and/or
vintage radio fans who may have always wanted to try their hand at the
various AWA QSO Parties, etc., but never quite gotten around to building a
replica rig of their own...

In any event, digital pix for ALL of these are readily available---just
e-mail me directly, referencing  whatever item(s) might catch your eye...and
remember, please, that these are for TRADE ONLY! I am NOT listing them for
any monetary sale whatsoever, so please don't ask for prices...

Here goes:

-A collection of Barker & Williamson coil assemblies...many still with their
original (but tattered) boxes. Sizes range from the smallish 5-pin type
low-level driver stages, to jumbo jack bar jobbies. These are ASSEMBLIES,
and NOT "raw" coil stock---most have the actual bands they were designed for
imprinted on them, and more than a few have integrated swinging links built
into them;

-A small collection of low-power Bud brand driver coils (bands indicated on
each), with original boxes;

-A quantity of pre-wound Hammarlund 5-pin coil forms (bands indicated at top
of each coil);

-A recently-built replica 1929-ish 2-tube regenerative receiver---uses a
pair of 201A's (not included, but pictured). Even has homebrewed
basket-weave coil construction! This rig was part of a demonstration of OT
radio techniques some years ago in VE3-land---quite charming;

-A recently-built replica 1929-ish single tube transmitter---plug in a
245/210 tube, & you're away (tube not included, but pictured). Looks like a
Hartley---sliding antenna coupling coil, two air variables. Again, this rig
was part of a demonstration of OT radio techniques some years ago in

-A monster of a N.O.S./N.I.B. National Radio Co. ceramic transmitting coil
form (they don't make 'em like this any more!);

-An old "...grind-it-yourself" commercial crystal kit. Don't know if it's
complete, or not, but has original instructions, & what appears to be an
emplty  crystal holder, with electrodes, a chunk of raw crystal (I think),
and a small packet of grinding powder. You provide the muscle power.
Original box;

-A big pile of "XTAL" magazines, some from as early as the late 30's, most
from the 40's. To the uninitiated, XTAL was the official organ of Canada's
alternative to the ARRL & QST 'way back when, and finally,

-A real OT self-contained buzzer & straight key combo, for CW practice, with
original box. This set-up was recently used in a Titanic lecture &
demonstration at Teacher's College, to give students a feel for the sound of
CW, and especially CW as was made by a spark transmitter (sure does sound
like a Sparkie!).

That's it...let me know what you'd like to see more of in the way of digital
pictures & description(s), & I'll be happy to oblige. As for myself, I'm
always on the look-out for ancient QSTs (pre-1920), old HANDBOOKS & misc.
Ham radio publications (ARRL & Frank Jones, both), vintage transmitting
tubes, etc. etc. ANYTHING INTERESTING!

Thanks for your time, & my very

~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

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